Geli Wuerzner

Author, musician, performer, storyteller.   

This is where the story starts. Sweetviolinface

Geli is an international storyteller that is both a musician and a writer. She will weave her stories and music together into an intimate, heartfelt tapestry that captivates her audience in moments.

She has just published her first book, Breaking the Bend, in December 2014. While she does have an adventurer’s spirit, she currently lives north of Seattle. If you listen closely, you can locate her by the sound of her laughter.

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About Breaking the Bend

BreakingTheBendCoverThis is a journey where odds are good that you’ll find something to hold on to.

Imagine that you find yourself working third shift in a gas station in the middle of Illinois, taking a run through a cemetery in Iceland, or hiking into a canyon with a violin on your back.

Through humor, introspection, and raw emotion Geli leads you down a path that will leave you inspired to step out on your own to confront monsters and listen to the advice of the strangers that you might meet along the way.

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