Music for Hire

Music for Hire

Are you looking for strings to enhance a single song, an entire album, or accompany you during a live performance? This is where the music starts. Whether it’s a heart-felt song for a wedding, a story book, full-length rock on vinyl, orchestral, or ethereal noise Geli can accommodate nearly any style to bring your musical vision to life.

Geli Wuerzner is an international music mercenary that is known for stumbling into just the right moments to make beautiful noise. Her improvisational skills mean that she is a violin player that doesn’t require charts or direction. She listens closely to find ways to augment songs with her violin and her voice. Once referred to as the “nearly psychic fiddle player” her skills are often in demand on stage and in the studio.

Geli’s sister site,, is the place to go for samples of her music and more information about her shows.

geliviolinprofileAdditionally, Geli is known to play live as well as record pieces with the following musicians (just to name a few).

If you’re interested in what she can offer your music, please contact Geli for her rates and availability.

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  1. The day after Geli Wuerzner performed a mind blowing concert with Jean Mann at our venue in The Netherlands, she sat in with a bunch of artists and blew their mind! This is one hell of an artist on both of her preferred instruments the violin and her voice plus the range of genres she covers is most impressive.

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